Information You Should Know about Dab Rigs

Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular in the recent past because smokers are looking for alternative ways of smoking. Ways that are not detrimental to their health. If you have been having fun dabbing with friends, it may be time to invest in your collection of dab rigs. The excitement of dabbing is seen in the ability to dab with the right equipment. Here is what you need to know about dabbing:


The basics

The standard collection of a dab rig consists of three main parts: a nail, a glass piece, and a torch lighter for heating the nail. It is important to note that dabbing equipment cost differently depending on many factors. This is the reason why it is necessary that you research on the best brands available in the market before purchasing your collection. This makes it possible for you to get value for money in the collection you settle for.

Proper torch safety

The torch poses a great fire hazard and can inflict serious burn injuries if poorly handled. What is worse is that the torch can ignite a fire or cause other extreme destructions.  Before you light up the torch, it is crucial to ensure that it is leak-free. This prevents the likelihood of causing a potential flammable hazard. Settle for torches that come with an auto lock feature as such torches are safe and convenient to use. Additionally, keep the torch away from flammable items like cooking gas and petroleum-based products.

Stick to low temperatures

WEED APPARATUS It is advisable that you stick to low-temperature dabs as they help you in enjoying crucial benefits of the concentrates including taste, effect, and smoothness.  The proper way of finding consistency when dabbing is understanding the dabbing equipment you are using and the type of concentrate you want to dab. There are specific types of concentrates that taste best at high temperatures and hence, it may not be advisable to use low temperatures for such concentrates. Additionally, if you are using a dabbing collection made from thick quartz glass, you may want to use high temperatures to sufficiently heat the concentrate.

Start small with dosing and increase gradually

If you are new to dabbing, it is recommended that you start with small dosages and increase dosing gradually. This goes a long way in enabling you to assess your body’s tolerance to dabbing concentrates. This tolerance differs from one person to the next. What is unique about dabbing tolerance is that it takes time to build. Therefore, you should limit yourself to small dosages at first and advance to high dosages later when the body has developed tolerance to the concentrates you are using.


It is advisable to clean your collection of dab rigs in between rigs for efficiency and consistency with the flavor. The remnants of a previous concentrate may interfere with the taste and quality of your fresh concentrates.…

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