Today in the mail I recieved my copy of the Future Soundtrack for America. The official release date for this compilation album is the 17th, however donors to were given the chance to recieve a copy early. The compilation is full of songs by some great artists, including Elliott Smith’s A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity To Be Free. The version of this song is different from the one which appears on the Pretty (Ugly Before) 7″.

You can pre-order this disc from (just the cd, or with a companion ‘progressive’ book). However, if I were you I’d just wait and buy it from the record label, Barsuk from its shop. Support indie labels and rage against the machine. 😉

Site News – 08/09/04
Some slight modifications to the music database have been made. The link on the date of the show at right leads to the setlist and notes information that is on the music page, and a link to the torrent file is now in brackets as suggested on our message board. The Music page will soon have that information in a sortable way to ease the finding of currently available shows.

Coincidentally, all of those shows are available to be burned to CD and mailed to you if you do not want to wait for them to be offered as downloads. Email me if you’d like more info.

Random Update – 08/07/04
Just one thing that I forgot to mention yesterday. If you’d like a copy of the show and don’t have a fast connection, email me and I’ll give you the info you need.

Site Launch – 08/06/04
Welcome to Some Songs, a new source for live recordings of Elliott Smith as well as discography information, and hopefully much more.

My goal with this site is to spread the best quality sourced shows I can find. I hope to get in contact with anyone who ever taped an Elliott Smith show and get copies directly from them in the hopes of insuring that we don’t end up with a lot of scratchy high generation high error shows being circulated. Due to bandwidth constraints, all the shows will not be available at once. Instead, shows will be available via Bit Torrent downloads. Bit torrent downloads require you to install one tiny program. Once you have the program installed, as you download a show from this site, you will also be sending the show to others who want it. This allows me to host more shows on my site than I otherwise would be able to. A quick and easy explanation of how Bit Torrent works can be found here. If you’d really like to read a detailed explaination, one may be read here. The program is open source and spyware free. If you do not have a fast internet connection, I will be more than willing to mail you the shows, providing you send me an extra envelope, blank cds, and stamps so that I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg sending them all back. 🙂

Many many thanks to Elliott Smith’s mother and father for their permission to share these live recordings with you.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get the Heatmiser section of the site online. I’ve been in the process of gathering information on the band, finding out the current whereabouts of its members and what not as sadly the last Heatmiser fan page disapeared a few weeks ago.

Most of the site is complete, but there are a few things missing (it became a rush to complete what I could by the self imposed deadline of Elliott’s birthday). There are currently about 15-20 songs currently missing lyrics (most notably the entire album Dead Air), however there are ~125 songs with lyrics, so I suppose 90% is good, right? 😉 The live music database needs to be upgraded slightly to include more indepth features relating to recording method and what not, but on the bright side, sorting and searching work rather well. And although the discography isn’t really complete, it is only missing 10 or so items, but 90 are listed, so I suppose that’s also a good lot to start out with. Some of the items listed haven’t been scanned, but the majority have been. Some need to be rescanned as well, as I changed scanners midway though (I actually wore out the first scanner!).

In any case, a very happy birthday to Elliott, where ever you are. You are missed.