If you are new to vaping, your first starter kit is not usually a hard choice. However, it can make you scratch your head after enjoying the kit, and you need to do an upgrade. That is where all the problem for most vape smokers begin. Nevertheless, there is no need for worrying because this article will be helping you to choose your starter kit. Here are the few questions to ask:


Howoften do you smoke? Do you expect to smoke while you are out or will you be using it only for leisurely purposes when you are at home? Additional questions may include the budget for future purchases as that can be an important issue for you vaping experience.


The basic kits

The basic kit does not only have basic functionalities. It is just the lower tier choice for most people, and it can cost less than 10 dollars. It is basic in the sense that it has got everything you will need in the most simple options available. In fact, you probably started with a basic kit that has an e-cigarette battery and a cartomizer, and a USB charging option. The liquid you find in the clearomizer will come as a separate purchase. Many people call it the e juice because that is what fulfills the equation and sets forth the vaping experience.

Advanced kits

VAPING 2The advanced kits are for experienced vapors, and they come with added accessories to fulfill different desires. For example, they could come with replacement coils to make them last longer. They have the atomizer heads or coils for improving the vape experience. They may even have a wall charger because of they are heavy duty. They are expensive because they are bigger and bulkier in their full package and rely on sophisticated solutions for the clearomizers. For instance, you can expect them to have dual coil a clearomizers which are different from the starter kit by Aspire.

Kits for couples

Couples should each get their starter kits so that everyone can go at their pace learning to use and eventually become a pro at vaping. The use of e-cigarette is often a personal choice, and you do not want to introduce fights over one kit. However, there is a great range of starter kits for consideration by couples. You can go for something that looks the same or the discounted offers where you get two starter kits in one package.

Important tips to consider

You should get one that will last long when you go out. A starter kit by Aspire is an example of the choice because the battery is large enough. Furthermore, you should also be looking at the availability of e juice for your specific model so that you always have enough juice wherever you go with your unit. Always rely on the starter kit when you are an experimenter.